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Alayna Hogston: A Teen’s 3-Year Journey from Pain to Recovery

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Alayna Hogston: A Teen’s 3-Year Journey from Pain to Recovery
- Alayna Hogston

"Alayna Hogston of Gastonia, North Carolina was thriving as part of her premier soccer team, when her active life came to a halt in 2016 at the age of 14. This was the year she experienced a staph infection in her blood stream which resulted in an infection in her pelvic bone.

The next two years were filled with complications from the original infection, leaving her with degenerative changes to her pubic symphysis, bone spurs on her pelvic bones and severe pubis osteitis. Walking, even sitting for long periods of time and climbing stairs became extremely painful for Alayna – she was in constant pain and was no longer able to enjoy playing soccer, her favorite pastime. 

Alayna wasn’t ready to give up on her passion for the game. After countless hours of research and doctor consultations, in 2018 her parents landed on an endoscopic pubic symphysiotomy surgery online, performed by the team at American Hip Institute & Orthopedic Specialists. They watched a video of the surgery and read related medical journals, feeling a glimmer of hope that this cutting-edge procedure could be an option for Alayna. As fate would have it, Alayna’s parents got a call that same day from her doctor in Charlotte referring them to American Hip Institute. 

“During our first consultation with the clinical team, we finally felt like someone had options that would get Alayna back on the road to recovery,” said Kelli Hogston, Alayna’s mother. 

On November 2, 2018, Alayna underwent an endoscopic pubic symphysiotomy surgery, taking her first step toward getting back on the soccer field. 

“The endoscopic pubic symphysiotomy surgery was a life changer for Alayna,” said Kelli. “Traveling out of state for surgery can be difficult but the kindness and superior care given by the American Hip Institute staff has been outstanding. We finally feel like this three-year nightmare is coming to an end and Alayna is on the road to a full recovery. We feel so blessed to have found such an amazing surgeon and caring person.”

Alayna has since returned to American Hip Institute for surgery on both her hips. The team performed a left labral repair on November 5, 2019 and a right labral repair on December 30, 2019. 

Both procedures were performed using the NanoScope, which is no thicker than a needle; it can be done without an incision, meaning minimal scarring and a quicker recovery. 

Not many 17-year-olds experience hip surgery, but for Alayna Hogston, it was the best option to get her back to the active lifestyle she loves so much."

- Alayna Hogston<

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