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Medical Record Requests

We have chosen to partner with MediCopy, and MRO company, for our release of information services. To request medical records from MediCopy, you may use the following contact methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turn-around time?

MediCopy strives to ensure that ROI/patient medical record requests are processed within two business days after receipt.

What types of requests does MediCopy | MRO process?

Attorney requests, subpoenas, insurance requests, workers’ comp, social security (SSA/DDS), patient requests, and continuation or transfer of care (doctor to doctor) requests.


  • Doctor-to-doctor requests are completed free of charge.
  • Patients can request copies of their medical records via email or fax at no cost. If delivered by mail, delivery fees may be charged. If the request is over 80 pages, requests will be billed at $0.03/page plus postage.
  • All other requests are billed at state statute.

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