Practice Policy Update regarding COVID-19

Review of Films

Please upload the copy of your film for review using the form below

To determine if an office appointment is beneficial for you, we will review your hip, knee or shoulder X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans. CDs are preferred, but we can also review hard copies of imaging studies. Once received, please allow at least one week for us to review your record. We will not be responsible for lost copies through the mail so please make sure you retain a copy of your records. If you want your films, CDs, or records returned to you, please send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Your submission of imaging studies does not create a physician-patient relationship between you and American Hip Institute or any American Hip Institute physician, and in no way is intended or implied to be a substitute or replacement for professional medical advice. The review of your film is not an offer by American Hip Institute to diagnose or treat your injury or condition and will not result in any American Hip Institute physician rendering a medical diagnosis or medical opinion. The review of your films by American Hip Institute is not intended to constitute the practice of medicine or provision of medical advice or services in any state. Any medical diagnosis and/or treatment will only be provided upon your visit to an American Hip Institute office or facility. In no way does American Hip Institute assume any responsibility for your care as a result of this service, which supports, but does not replace, any current relationship that exists between you and your physician.

The service is not targeted to users in any particular locality, nor is it intended to constitute the doing of or solicitation of business anywhere on behalf of American Hip Institute, nor to constitute any contacts with any jurisdiction outside of the States of Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Please note that there is no charge for out of state medical record reviews.