• Home Preparation Checklist for Hip Replacement Patients

    Hip replacement surgery can be a life-changing step towards significantly reducing hip pain and improving your mobility. Whether it’s a hip fracture or hip arthritis that has prompted your decision, before you undergo the surgery you should get your home ready for your return.

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  • Hip Arthroscopy Benefits

    Hip arthroscopy is a cutting-edge procedure which allows your doctor to look inside your hip with a miniaturized camera inserted through a small poke-hole incision. Repair of torn or injured structures as well as removal of bone fragments, scar tissue and debris from within the hip joint also be possible using this procedure.

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  • What is Robotic Surgery?

    Robotic surgery or robot-assisted surgery is the use of cutting-edge robotic systems controlled by a skilled surgeon to perform surgical procedures. These advanced systems provide the surgeon with a high degree of stability, precision, and control. Several orthopedic procedures such as joint replacement can now be done using robotic technology.

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  • Hip Arthroscopy - A Treatment That Won’t Slow You Down

    The evolution of arthroscopy has been closely related to sports medicine with the guiding principle being a less invasive technique facilitates quicker return to the sporting arena; it’s truly a treatment that won’t slow you down.

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  • Am I a Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

    In recent years, stem cell therapy has generated a lot of buzz in the field of Orthopedics. An ever-increasing number of athletes and active individuals are turning to stem cell therapy to recuperate faster after injury and return quickly to activities they enjoy.

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