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How Robotics is Changing Joint Replacement

In the last decade, we have been introduced to self-driving cars and virtual home assistants; therefore, it should not come as a surprise that robotics has also assumed a role in medicine and healthcare. In orthopedics, robotics has been implemented in total joint replacement procedures with excellent results.

I am fortunate to be trained in both manual and robotic-assisted total hip arthroplasty, which has given me great insight into the benefits of the latter. Robotics can be complex for the surgeon, and costly for the hospital. However, it has made possible advances in our field which are undeniably advantageous to the patient. Robotics is enabling us, as surgeons, to be more precise, less invasive, and more-patient specific. In robotic-assisted joint replacement, we are able to plan the procedure on a 3D virtual model of the patient’s own anatomy, producing a hip replacement that feels and functions like a normal hip. During this procedure, we use a robotic arm that improves upon the accuracy of the human eye. Beyond the robotic arm is an intelligent software that enables us to plan and execute these procedures with precision.

At the American Hip Institute, we have published multiples studies on the outcomes of our robotic technique, showing as much as a 94% reduction in inaccuracies, which may decrease the risk of leg length discrepancies, dislocations, and other complications. Additionally, we have found that the implementation of robotics more than doubles the likelihood of a hip replacement feeling like a patient’s native hip. Currently we are investigating ways to simplify the machinery involved in order to make technologically enhanced joint surgery available to more patients across the country.

Dr. Benjamin Domb is a double board-certified orthopedic surgeon and expert in the field of joint surgery, has years of experience with robotics. He is the Founder and Medical Director at American Hip Institute, is rated amongst the Top Doctors in the USA by the NY Times, US News & World Report, and Castle Connelly. The doctors at the American Hip Institute® have been global leaders in Hip Arthroscopy and Robotic Surgery for over a decade. While some would call this excellence, we simply call it the American Hip Institute standard.

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