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Realtor Sees Quick Relief After Hip Arthroscopy

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"Hi, I am Carrie Sebold and I am a realtor in the Fox Valley area. In my free time, I love to play tennis, I run ragnars, I like to do obstacle course racing, and a lot of hiking. So having hip problems really kind of interfered with my life.

My pain started in 2018 and I went to a couple different doctors that were telling me it was osteoarthritis or bursitis and I tried physical therapy, I tried all kinds of different things and through the years I kept being in pain. I kept dealing with it and I finally came to a point where I said, 'I do not want to deal with this anymore!'.

I was referred to Dr. Domb by a friend of mine and I knew immediately when I met him that I was in the right hands to actually solve my problem.

So since surgery, with my first surgery, that was on my left hip, I have had so much success! I now can sit without pain because I used to not be able to sit and I think it was also because of the hamstring PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections) I received. But I also noted that when walking my gate has improved, I no longer walk like a duck, and I don't have pain. My leg does not swing out when I walk, which I did not realize I was doing prior to the surgery, but now I feel like I am stronger.

I am very very happy to say that Dr. Domb and the staff at the American Hip Institute have just solved my problems and I am so happy to refer them!"

- Carrie Sebold

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