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Return to Minor Pro Hockey after Two Hip Resurfacings

Chris Affinati
- Chris Affinati

“Hi, my name is Chris Affinati. I graduated from Sacred Heart University, where I played Division I NCAA Hockey. I played 18 years of professional hockey. When I first noticed my hips, it was in 2002. I was playing for Sacred Heart University, my hips were very stiff, a lot of weakness, a lot of pain.

I think it was 2019, my hips started to get really bad, to the point where I had zero internal and external rotation. With my active lifestyle and things I was still doing, we went with the Birmingham. We did my left and then 2 weeks later we did my right.

For the surgery it took my a little bit to get back, but I had a great physical therapists who helped me rehab and get back. At 44 years old, with my skating ability, I feel like I can jump back in and play some minor pro games.

It has been like I said, amazing! Especially in my line of work, where I am a trainer, I am teaching kickboxing, I am teaching skating, and I am able to show these kids the proper techniques that I was not able to do before!"”

– Chris Affinati

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