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MLS Soccer player, Chris Mueller, Returns to Play in 5 Months

Chris Mueller
- Chris Mueller

"My name is Chris Mueller, I play professional soccer for the Chicago Fire and I started developing hip pain pretty severely beginning of my last season in 2023. As the games kinda picked up in the beginning of the season, it started to get worse. It was kinda gradual, there was not so to say an instant.

My hip pain did not get so bad that I could not play, my hip continued to compound and build. And then, from there I sought out some help, got some imaging done, and that's how I found the American Hip Institute.

It took me probably 5 months to be back on the field with my cleats, aside from all the recovery I was doing beforehand. Now I am back on the field, it has been 7 months post op and I feel great. I do not have any of the same pains that I had before while I was playing.

Since the get-go, it has been very professional here and what I have liked about, is that it is very thorough and Dr. Domb seems to be very confident in his ability to perform these surgeries. And for being an athlete and knowing that my body is so important to what I do for a living, I felt very comfortable with him and the team that he has here at the American Hip Institute, as well as the therapists. I think they have all been awesome and very detail-oriented when it comes to my recovery and all the exercises that I needed to be doing.

If you're having any sort of hip pain, definitely get that checked out so that it does not become a permanent problem, if there is a solution that you can find. I would recommend the American Hip Institute to all athletes or young athletes who might be having hip pain themselves, because truly I believe that the American Hip Institute may be one of the best in the business."

– Chris Mueller

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