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Corey Wootton’s rapid return to pro football after labral repair at the American Hip Institute

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Corey Wootton
- Corey Wootton

"When I first had my hip pain, my pain was excruciating. I played a whole season on it one year and it was tough. My agent had told me about the American Hip Institute, so I had an MRI on my hip and it revealed that I had a torn labrum in my right hip.

And I thought maybe I should prolong surgery and the doctor talked me through it and that is something we should definitely get taken care of now because he was caring about the long term hip health. And I thought that it was great that he was talking about my long term health and not just getting me back on the field. And he said regardless of your football career, I want you to have a long fulfilling life where your hip is feeling good, you are able to run with your daughters and your children.

So I got the surgery in January and I started doing pretty much 100% of everything by July. I was able to get back on the field and was pain free at that point and I played the whole season, I played the next season as well. So it was great to have a hip that was not giving me that nagging pinching pain.

I was so surprised by how quickly I was able to get back on the field. It was a lot different from other experiences having surgeries before. It is an incredible place here and they really take care of you. And lots of professional athletes, not only in the Chicagoland area, but throughout the NBA, NFL, and NBA are going to the American Hip Institute.

Take care of the problem, see the doctor, see what they prescribe here for you, whether it is non-surgical opportunities or surgical opportunities. You have to do anything you can to prolong your hip and to take care of it early rather than later."

– Corey Wootton

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