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AHI fixed my hip and 17 years of foot drop in 1 procedure!

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Denise Cervantes
- Denise Cervantes

"I've had a drop foot since 2005 after having a discectomy at an outside facility to fix some crushed discs in my back. Since then, I underwent a revision spine surgery as well as a hip arthroscopy elsewhere, none of which helped. Both prior doctors always told me that while they could help me with my other issues, there was nothing they could do for my foot. As time went on, the pain in the hip kept getting progressively worse and I had resigned to the idea that nothing would ever fix the numbness in my leg.

This past year however, I was recommended by a physical therapist to go see the team at the American Hip Institute. Their demeanor was pleasant and they exuded such confidence while guiding me through my options, which trended toward a revision arthroscopic hip procedure. The surgery went great, and my hip felt fantastic post-operatively, but that was not the most amazing part!

The shocking thing to me was during my recovery from the surgery, I began to have sensation in my lower leg again. Throughout my post-operative physical therapy, I've been able to regain motion in my foot, which is incredible since everyone in the past said I would never be able to do that. Now, after 17 long years, I no longer have a foot drop!

Going into this surgery I was expecting the worst based solely on my past experiences, but each week my mobility has just gotten better and better. It is ridiculous how happy I am feeling, and I feel myself getting stronger every day. Prior to this surgery I couldn't do much and was in so much pain, but now I wake up excited every day to do new things. I have two nieces as well so being able to play with them now is life changing and I'm eager to see what else happens! Thank you to the American Hip Institute for not only giving me my life back, but also my foot!"

- Denise Cervantes

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