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I am delighted to be the biggest supporter of the American Hip Institute and the great work they do

Comeback Stories - American Hip Institute & Orthopedic Specialists

Dennis Barden
- Dennis Barden

"I found myself at the American Hip Institute through a referral from another orthopedic surgeon. At that point, I had already received a diagnosis of a torn labrum in my left hip, which had been bothering me for over 3 years. I came to the American Hip Institute with the hope of having my hip fixed, and that hope was not only met, but exceeded. I arrived here as a typical new patient, and when I did, the team performed a thorough array of tests and imaging in order to confirm my past diagnosis. They used these tools to examine the scope of damage, which was extensive at that point. My arthroscopy was then performed at the American Hip Institute surgical center, and the entire time I felt very comfortable and safe. The treatment I received there was great, and the facilities and staff were superb. By the time I got home from the surgery, I already had received a video showing what was fixed and knew how to proceed with the rest of my recovery.

The most important part of my entire experience with the American Hip Institute was that my surgical team showed me a comprehensive plan for my treatment, and everything they told me would happen did. The peace of mind that you get from a well-formed plan that helps you anticipate what’s going to happen and when is invaluable. All the explanations and guidance that I received have been a tremendous help not only for me but also for my wife who was my caregiver after surgery. The recovery went as smoothly as I could have possibly imagined! Follow-up appointments here have also been great, and I feel like my progress has been monitored with outstanding care. Everyone at the American Hip Institute has removed as much worry, apprehension and anxiety as humanly possible in such circumstances and it’s truly remarkable! I anticipate zero issues returning to my everyday routine and I am delighted to be the biggest supporter of the American Hip Institute and the great work they do."

- Dennis Barden

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