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Editorial Commentary: Spine Pathology May Compromise the Results of Hip Arthroscopy: Will Hip Arthroscopy Improve Low Back Pain?


Pathology of the lumbar spine and hip commonly occur concurrently. The hip-spine connection has been well documented in the hip arthroplasty literature but until recently has been largely ignored in the setting of hip arthroscopy. Physical examination and diagnostic workup of the lumbosacral junction are warranted to further our understanding of the effects of lumbosacral motion and pathology in patients with concomitant femoroacetabular impingement syndrome. An understanding of this relationship will better allow surgeons to counsel and preoperatively optimize patients undergoing evaluation and treatment of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome. Several studies have reported that patients with a previous lumbar arthrodesis undergoing hip arthroplasty have lower patient-reported outcomes and greater revision rates compared with patients without previous lumbar surgery, and similar to its effect on outcomes after hip arthroplasty, lumbar spine disease can compromise outcomes after hip arthroscopy. On the other side of the coin, hip arthroplasty has been shown to improve low back pain in patients with concomitant hip osteoarthritis. Can the arthroscopic treatment of nonarthritic hip pathology offer a similar result? We won't know unless we look.

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