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I underwent hip arthroscopy yesterday, and today I woke up pain free!

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Emma U
- Emma U

"I have five kids, and my hip pain began shortly after I had the last two. My previous doctors had put in mesh for an inguinal hernia, and at first they thought the mesh was intertwined with a nerve and causing my severe pain. I’ve always been very active: going to the gym, running, weight-lifting. After the hip pain started, the pattern became the same – I could still exercise, but I would start getting pain in the afternoon.

After several years, the doctors took out the mesh and replaced it, but the pain was still the same. I eventually learned there was a problem with my labrum, but when I first got an MRI, that problem didn’t show up. I spent a year homebound, at least four months bedbound; there was this whole year where I wasn’t able to continue my usual life. Even after that year, the pain was still there. After they took out the mesh again, I still knew something was wrong, and when they did another MRI, they saw there was a labrum tear.

I ended up getting a second opinion from a doctor in Mexico and he told me that American Hip Institute had the best doctors in the whole United States! So I came to the American Hip Institute in April, and I loved what I saw. The team was extremely professional; I saw the success of the cases they did and how easy it would be for them to help me with my pain. I underwent hip arthroscopy yesterday, and today I woke up pain free! I’ve never had surgery done this well. I’m amazed. Now I’ll hopefully be able to spend more time with my kids – going on hikes, traveling, and doing all of the things that we love to do."

- Emma U

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