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General Surgeon Successfully Receives Total Hip Replacement at The American Hip Institute

dr. Daniel Pacella
- Dr. Daniel Pacella

So my name is Dr. Daniel A. Pacella, I am a general surgeon, I did surgery for 41 years of my life, and I practiced on the Southwest side of Chicago. The reason I came to the American Hip Institute was because I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and I had trauma done to my right hip and after standing in the OR for 41 years, I was having discomfort trying to do routine cases.

So I was talking to my Orthopedic colleagues at my hospital and everyone wanted to do my hip, but I investigated it further on my own, and talked to other physicians, and Dr. Domb's name came up at the American Hip Institute, and I was told this was the place to come to get it done.

So, I did the stem cell injection and then we waited, and then we waited the necessary time, which is 12 weeks, and during that time it got a little better, but it wasn't a 100% and I was having trouble in the operating room. So then I came back and talked to Dr. Domb and we decided the best thing to do would be the robotic right total hip replacement. 

I would strongly recommend this hip institute to anyone who asks me where I have it done, in fact I have already recommended Dr. Domb to several of my colleagues and family members that needed surgery done.

– Dr. Daniel Pacella

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