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I am excited to return to running and playing soccer after my hip resurfacings at AHI

Comeback Stories - American Hip Institute & Orthopedic Specialists

Guillermo Spinelli
- Guillermo Spinelli

"Before coming to American Hip Institute from Uruguay, I was experiencing significant pain in my hips, which limited me from my active lifestyle that includes running and playing soccer. As my hip pain worsened, I could not walk more than a few blocks, and my range of motion was very limited.

When I came in for my first visit at American Hip Institute, the team made an excellent first impression. I am continually impressed by how professional and efficient the staff here is. 

Given my younger age and active lifestyle, the team recommended the Birmingham hip resurfacing option for me. After undergoing the surgery for my right hip two months ago, I began to notice immediate improvements in my strength and range of motion. As I gradually returned to playing sports, my right hip felt amazing, so I decided to have the same operation on my left hip. I have also been participating in physical therapy at American Hip Institute, and the experience has been fantastic. My recovery after the left hip procedure is already off to a great start, and I cannot wait to fully return to running and playing soccer after my complete recovery."

– Guillermo Spinelli

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