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I am back to my active, traveling self after the AHI team helped me heal and recover from my injury

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Judy Kaplan
- Judy Kaplan

"I have been active all of my life; tennis, snow skiing, water skiing, aerobics, pilates, walking, working, and grandchildren—not to mention my husband’s and my passion for traveling the world, keeping us active and engaged in our semi-retirement.

I began suffering from hip discomfort around 2015, and with another provider, getting shots in my hips practically every 2-3 months, which alleviated my pain, but behind the scenes was really messing with my muscles, unbeknownst to me.

On July 31st, 2019, while walking my dog into her daycare, I reached for her to give her a hug, but another dog caught her attention, and she pulled me down…OMG…a painful fall! I had torn both gluteus medius muscles off the bone. It was horrible and painful, limiting my lateral movements, causing me to walk poorly, and requiring two surgeries to correct. Another surgeon did the emergency surgery on my left leg, then immediately left the practice, and I had to fend through recovery on my own, searching for a new surgeon and rehabilitation care. It was a true nightmare.

I began my search for care during this traumatic time. After two other very disappointing medical opinions about the repair needed on my right gluteus medius muscle, I met with the American Hip Institute team for my third and final opinion. The first two doctors were not optimistic. I was 70 years old, and they both did not want to attempt the repair due to my age and potential complications. The American Hip Institute providers took a look at my X-rays and MRIs and said, “Let’s fix this!” My husband and I were elated, though worried. We discussed the procedure (only 4 months from the left leg surgery, which was not healing great). The team inspired us, and confidently, we scheduled the surgery.

It was a much better experience than the first surgery, from care, to support, to therapy, to follow-up. We were elated.

However, there was much work to be done to rehabilitate both of my hips after these surgeries. In comes my meeting with the physical therapy department at the American Hip Institute. These PTs were just the people I needed to help me recover. For 2 and 1/2 years, mostly 3 times a week, these devoted, professional, angels of human beings provided physical therapy, hands-on activating my muscles and supporting my worried, fearful, pained, and fragile self during this time—physical and emotional support and encouragement at its very best!

The combination of surgeons, PTs, and the entire American Hip Institute team has been a true game changer for me. I am back to my active, traveling self and could not be more grateful for their help, support, and belief that someone in her 70s can heal and be active again after a traumatic injury. I’m 74 now, and my hips are as good as new. I cannot rave enough about how incredible and life-changing it was to meet the team at American Hip Institute."

– Judy Kaplan

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