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After a long search for the cause of her hip pain that pulled her out of professional soccer, Morgan Reid Allen found her answer at AHI

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Morgan Reid Allen
- Morgan Reid Allen

"I played professional soccer for the last three years, and I started developing hip pain about two years ago. I sought counsel from three different doctors and three physical therapists. I had multiple injections and participated in physical therapy for eight months with almost no relief. I had pretty much given up hope that I would return to sports, and I thought the pain I was in was my new normal.

Eventually, my husband encouraged me to see the American Hip Institute team. I finally agreed, and within one appointment, I was diagnosed with something that had gone undiagnosed for over two years. It was immensely important to me to be able to pinpoint my pain source and seek a solution.

As a professional athlete, I needed to work out multiple times a day at a very high intensity. As my pain worsened, I could not practice, walk without pain, or sleep well at night. My concerns were no longer just soccer-specific but also encompassed my day-to-day functions. After surgery, all of those issues have been addressed.

At 4.5 months out from surgery, I have been able to start jogging, cutting, and jumping. I have goals of returning to skiing and tennis soon and eventually returning to soccer at the one-year mark.

My care at American Hip Institute has been very personalized. I feel that I am treated as more than just a patient here, but rather as a person. Being able to get the answers I was looking for for over two years was life-changing for me. I cannot speak more highly of the team."

– Morgan Reid Allen

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