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I'm feeling like a rockstar, and without AHI, I don't know where I'd be right now

Comeback Stories - American Hip Institute & Orthopedic Specialists

Nicole F
- Nicole F

"My hip pain initially started in my left hip, and it was hurting for so long that it also started to affect my right hip. I decided to visit an orthopedic institute nearby in New York and they recommended that I go to the American Hip Institute in Chicago. They said there were only 3 surgeons in the entire country that could help me with my hips. I ended up flying to Chicago to see the American Hip Institute surgeons and it was honestly an honor to meet them. When I was in the office, the clinic team went over what was going on with my hips in a way that ensured I understood the medical lingo. At the visit, the team told me I'd need a very specialized hip surgery on the left side because of all the prolonged damage. I then had the procedure done and was able to fly home a day and a half after the surgery!

After having the procedure done, I'm now able to do things I couldn't before, including simple activities like walking around. I'm also a single mom of two boys and he's given me a quality of life back where I can smile and enjoy life! The American Hip Institute is truly amazing, and they not only saved my life but also the lives of my children. I couldn't ask for a better physician and I wish he was here in New York. I'm feeling like a rockstar, and without him I don't know where I'd be right now."

- Nicole F

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