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Outcomes of Open and Endoscopic Repairs of Chronic Partial- and Full-Thickness Proximal Hamstring Tendon Tears: A Multicenter Study With Minimum 2-Year Follow-up


Background: The preponderance of literature on the repair of proximal hamstring tendon tears focuses on the acute phase (<4 weeks). As such, there is a paucity of data reporting on the outcomes of chronic proximal hamstring tears.

Purpose: To report minimum 2-year postoperative patient-reported outcome (PRO) scores, visual analog scale (VAS) for pain, and patient satisfaction from patients who underwent open or endoscopic repair of partial- and full-thickness chronic proximal hamstring tendon tears.

Study design: Case series study; Level of evidence, 4.

Methods: Between April 2002 and May 2017, prospectively collected data from 3 tertiary care institutions were retrospectively reviewed for patients who underwent open and endoscopic repair of partial- and full-thickness chronic proximal hamstring tendon tears. Patients were included only if they had a chronic proximal hamstring tear (defined as ≥4 weeks from symptom onset to surgery). Patients were excluded if they had a tear treated <4 weeks after injury, underwent hamstring reconstruction, or claimed workers' compensation. Patients who reported minimum 2-year follow-up for VAS, patient satisfaction, and the following PROs had their outcomes analyzed: the modified Hip Harris Score, Non-arthritic Hip Score, iHOT-12 (International Hip Outcome Tool), and Hip Outcome Score-Sports Specific Subscale.

Results: Fifty patients (34 females and 16 males) were included in this study. There were 19 endoscopic repairs and 31 open repairs. Within the cohort, 52.0% had a full-thickness tendon tear on magnetic resonance imaging, and 48.0% had a partial tear. Average follow-up time was 58.07 ± 37.27 months (mean ± SD; range, 24-220 months). The mean age and body mass index of the group were 46.13 ± 13 years and 25.43 ± 5.14. The average time from injury to surgery was 66.73 weeks (range, 5.14-215.14 weeks). Average postoperative PROs were as follows: modified Hip Harris Score, 91.94 ± 9.96; Non-arthritic Hip Score, 91.33 ± 9.99; iHOT-12, 87.17 ± 17.54; Hip Outcome Score-Sports Specific Subscale, 87.15 ± 18.10; and VAS, 1.16 ± 1.92. Patient satisfaction was 8.22 ± 1.20.

Conclusion: Patients who underwent open and endoscopic repairs for chronic partial- and full-thickness proximal hamstring tendon tears reported high PROs and satisfaction at a minimum 2-year follow-up with low rates of complications.

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