Finally on the Road to Recovery – Thank you Dr. Lall!

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When I fell and hurt my hip at work, I did everything I could to keep going. I tried pain pills, patches, creams — whatever I had. It was a struggle. When walking and turning, at any moment, I would have sharp pains in my hip that would bring me to tears.

A year after my fall, I finally had surgery. Dr. Lall found more damage than we originally anticipated, and I assume that’s because I was working for so long after my injury. The surgery wasn’t painful at all, and I’m doing very well from my understanding. It’s been a journey! Recovery is going to take some time, but I’m so glad that I finally had the surgery.

Dr. Lall did a great job, and everyone at the American Hip Institute has been very good and very helpful. I thank you all and would highly recommend AHI to everyone that I know. Thank you Dr. Lall!

Rosiella Clerk