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NFL Great, Steven Jackson Talks About His Recovery From Hip Pain

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Steven Jackson
- Steven Jackson

"In my previous career, I was a NFL running back for 12 years. I have a high tolerance for pain and I underestimated what was happening inside my hip. The pain in my hip, on a scale out of 10 was a 9. It was daily, the pain was intense and always reminded me that it was there. 

Pain through injury was just the lifestyle and the culture of the sport. We all want to be there for our teammates, but when you step away from the sport it is about being there for yourself. It kept me from enjoying life, it kept me from playing golf, it kept me away from playing with my toddlers and my kids.

Every athlete from around the country comes here to Chicago from the American Hip Institute. After my experience I know why and if anything ever happens in the future, this is where I will be. The American Hip Institute, staff, and doctors are first class. They do a really good job making sure you are comfortable, that you feel confident with what you are doing, and ensuring that you are informed.

Now that I have had the procedure, I feel great. Now I ask myself what took me so long to address the issue. Life now is joyous. I am back to a daily routine, being active, riding bikes, hiking, jogging, and just enjoying life with my family and my wife. Pay attention to your body and listen to it, make sure you go and get it checked. Don’t think you are getting older and the pain that you feel right now; you can have it removed. Go to experts, and they are here at the American Hip Institute. You can enjoy life, you can participate, and you can do all the things that you loved and enjoyed before the pain."

- Steven Jackson

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