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Steven Merkin shares his comeback story about his return to the sport he loves, better than ever

Comeback Stories - American Hip Institute & Orthopedic Specialists

Steven Merkin
- Steven Merkin

"I've been fortunate enough to have my hips, shoulder, and knee treated by the American Hip Institute team. After being diagnosed with labral tears in both of my hips in 2008, I had them repaired with another surgeon. However, after the procedures, I had persistent pain and was then referred to the team at the American Hip Institute. I did not have much hope for my hip at that point since I was in severe pain and had to stop golfing and working out. After undergoing revision arthroscopies of both hips with the AHI team in 2009, my pain was completely eliminated. I'm glad to say I’ve had my 5-year and 10-year follow-up appointments with zero problems to report. I am extremely grateful to the team for being able to preserve my hips and avoiding replacements.

I was subsequently able to get back to golfing and working out until last year, when I suffered a shoulder injury after a fall, resulting in multiple tears. I tried physical therapy for quite some time and several injections without much relief. Given my successful hip surgeries at American Hip Institute, I decided to return for my shoulder. The clinical team clearly explained all the damage incurred to my shoulder as well as the surgical plan to repair it. Since the procedure, my shoulder has been feeling fantastic. Just a few days later, though, my right knee gave out. I had a complicated history of numerous surgeries to the knee, so returning back to American Hip Institute at this point was a no-brainer. The team scheduled me in that very week for a partial knee replacement, and my knee has never felt better.

Just a few weeks ago, after a 15-month hiatus, I was able to play my first five rounds of golf completely pain-free. In fact, I am excited to share that I hit my first hole-in-one this past weekend!

I have only received first-class, top-notch care at American Hip Institute. From the front desk to the surgery schedulers to the x-ray techs, everyone has always been attentive and willing to spend as much time as needed. In the clinic, I have never felt rushed, and the team always ensures everything is explained to me thoroughly. After all of these successful procedures, I consider myself the poster child for American Hip Institute and have since referred numerous friends."

– Steven Merkin

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