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Theresa Simeo shares her return to volleyball, softball, and a successful sprint triathlon!

Comeback Stories - American Hip Institute & Orthopedic Specialists

Theresa Simeo
- Theresa Simeo

"Two years ago, while running a half marathon, I suffered a hip injury that prevented me from participating in any form of running for months. During that time, I woke up with pain everyday. My daily quality of life was being affected, and I was sidelined from the sports I love. I went to see a chiropractor, where I participated in physical therapy for some time. From there, I was referred to the team at American Hip Institute. 

Prior to consulting with the American Hip Institute team, I saw another orthopedic surgeon. I was told that there was no acute injury to my hip. However, my pain was persistent and continued to worsen. When I came to American Hip Institute, the team executed a thorough evaluation of my hip and immediately identified the source of my pain. Not only did I have a labral tear, I had impingement in the hip joint, which likely contributed to the tear. The team clearly explained to me the surgical process of repairing the labrum and correcting the bony deformity that was causing the impingement. 

Leading up to the procedure, I was very nervous, but the clinical team checked in with me very regularly to ease my concerns. After the procedure, the recovery process was intense. I participated in physical therapy at American Hip Institute, and I could not have had a better experience. My therapist always made me feel seen and played a major role in my successful recovery after surgery through a very personalized approach.

I am very excited to share that I have not only been able to return to some of my favorite sports, including volleyball and softball, but I just competed in a sprint triathlon this past weekend! Thanks to my successful surgery, I was able to train hard for the swimming, biking, and running events, and I completed my race pain-free. I am so grateful to the American Hip Institute team for guiding me through this recovery process and back to the activities I love.

My experience with the American Hip Institute staff has been nothing short of amazing. They are always ready to speak with me in depth, whether it is regarding medical advice, financial questions, or anything else. I cannot thank the team enough!"

- Theresa Simeo

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