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Tim Okal continues his active lifestyle after his Birmingham Hip Resurfacing at the American Hip Institute

Tim Okal
- Tim Okal

“My name is Tim Okal, I am now 73 years old. I am still practicing law, I have been an attorney for 45 years now, but always been very active. Wrestled in high school, cross country, and been active in martial arts. I ran the Boston Marathon, and qualified from Chicago. So I have always been very active, and when the hip problem started coming up, I started getting concerned.

I had hip resurfacing surgery many years ago in 2010, so I knew what it could do for a person. And when my right hip started going bad and I got a diagnosis that I needed a total hip replacement, I started looking for a doctor. I went on the internet and there was a website that listed doctors who have done a whole variety of these surgeries. And Dr. Domb was one of the physicians who have done over 1,000 of these.

Dr. Domb happened to be in the office that day doing clinicals and he stepped in to see me because I wanted to avoid a total hip replacement. That is when he stepped in and said he would do it.

I had this hip surgery a month shy of my 73rd birthday, which is kinda old for people who have this kinda surgery. He agreed to do it and said he would watch over me and wanted to make sure that I went through the rehab - which I did. And the result has been, frankly, nothing short of miraculous. I am thankful everyday, truthfully, that I came here to the American Hip Institute.”

– Tim Okal

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