• The Importance of Prehabilitation Prior to Hip Surgery

    Often, a hip injury or a degenerative joint condition of the hip will cause you to move the hip joint less. This will naturally result in weakening of the surrounding hip musculature. The problem with your hip may be rectified with surgery, but how do you keep your hip muscles strong enough to properly support the newly replaced or repaired hip joint? Here’s where prehabilitation plays a very important role.

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  • 7 Benefits to Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement

    Getting fitted with a completely new hip joint through a small incision may seem like science fiction, but this is possible today thanks to the significant advances in medical science and technology.

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  • How Regenerative Medicine Can Help Your Hip Pain

    Are you considering surgery for your nagging hip pain? Have conservative treatments not provided enough relief? Maybe you should consider Regenerative Medicine. This innovative and advanced treatment enhances the body’s natural capacity to heal and is providing remarkable solutions for all types of joint pain.

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