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  • New Predictive Model Identifies Predictors of Hip Abductor Tears

    Researchers have developed a predictive model to help identify the presence of hip abductor tears in patients undergoing hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome.

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  • Considering hip surgery? How robotics could improve your outcome

    In the last decade, we have been introduced to major technological advances such as self-driving cars and virtual home assistants. It was only a matter of time until robotics revolutionized medicine and healthcare.

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  • 5 Exercises for Healthy Hips

    The hip is a major weight-bearing joint in the body and is responsible for many functional activities such as walking and running, sitting and standing, and climbing stairs. By keeping your hips strong and mobile, hip pain can quickly be eliminated and you can return to normal activity.

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  • Fractured Bones Breakthrough

    A procedure that has troubled doctors for years may have a solution, thanks to some unlikely inventors. Five undergraduate students at Rice University created a medical device that allows doctors to fix fractured bones in less time, using fewer x-rays.

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  • Common Cause of Pain With Hip Bursitis

    When the bursa becomes inflamed, each time the tendon has to move over the bone, pain results. Because patients with hip bursitis move this tendon with each step, symptoms of this condition can be quite painful.

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  • Weight Change and Bone Health in Older Adults with Obesity

    Weight loss in older adults is accompanied by loss in bone mineral density (BMD) and an increased risk of bone fracture. A new study published in Obesity found that loss of hip BMD persists in the year following a weight loss intervention among older adults with obesity, regardless of whether they regain weight.

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  • Meet Mako, The Robot Helping Doctors Perform Error-Free Surgeries

    This robotic assistant has helped with more than 300,000 operations and is transforming the way doctors perform joint replacement surgeries.

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  • One in Five Awaiting New Hip Suffer Acute Pain

    Almost 20 percent of people awaiting hip replacements are experiencing extreme pain or discomfort, a study shows. Researchers also found that 12 percent of patients on waiting lists for knee replacements considered themselves to be in a similarly acute state of health.

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  • Why do Bones Fail?

    Osteoporosis is a widespread disease. Every third woman and every fifth man are affected by bone loss with advancing age. A frequent consequence of this is a fracture of the femoral neck—a painful injury that massively impairs the quality of life of those affected. Patients must reckon with long term loss of mobility. Long bed rest and the associated often poor general condition even lead to an increased mortality rate.

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  • Pads to Prevent Hip Pointer Injury

    A hip pointer injury is an extremely painful, acute injury to the iliac crest of the pelvis. The injury causes bleeding into the abdominal muscles, which attach to the iliac crest. The bone and overlying muscle are often bruised, and the pain can be intense. Pain may be felt when walking, laughing, coughing, or even breathing deeply.

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