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Partial Permanent Impariment Rating (PPI Rating/ AMA Rating)

PPI / AMA Ratings NOT requested in conjunction wtih an IME will generally be scheduled within 10 business days of receipt of Payment and all pertanent medical records. Payment is non-refundable. A single body part PPI / AMA rating includes review of the first 1 inch of records, review of x rays and up to 2 MRI study reviews. This does not include additional x rays, MRI, DME or other ancillary serivces that may be requried at time of the exam. Records over the initial 1 inch of records included in the base PPI / AMA will be an additional charge. If more that 2 MRI studies are reviewed for the PPI / AMA, there will be additional charges per additional MRI Study review to be included in the report. If additional body parts are requested in the PPI / AMA request, there will be additional charges per additional body part. The detailed narrative report will generally be available in 2 business days of the PPI / AMA evaluation date. If a PPI / AMA rating exam is requested IN conjuction with an IME, there will be additional charges per body part. Exam subject must be at MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) for AHI to be able to provide PPI / AMA ratings on each body part. It is the sole responsibility of the client to supply a professional interpreter if the exam subject does not speak fluent English. AHI will not under any circumstance provide translation service for IME appointments. There will be no refund for AMA/PPI exam apppointments that require an interpreter but do not have the professional interpreter accompanying the exam subject at the appointment (exam subject will be turned away). If appointment is rescheduled for first time, there will be no additional charge. If appointment is rescheduled a second time or subsequent times, then additional charges and receipt of payment will be required to reschedule. If PPI / AMA rating exam is cancelled or no-shows, payment is non-refundable.

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